Type C Weapon Combination Guide

Type C Weapon Combination Guide

What you need to know:

  • Players can only make type C Weapons from Level 30 up to 55.
  • If the Weapon used as a combination material is upgraded, upon successful combination the talic upgrade will not be present in the combination outcome.
  • This combination is not 100% for each attempt, it might fail and some materials might end up being destroyed in the process.
  • All Weapon slot for the combination outcome is random.
  • It is possible to obtain a Type C Weapon that has a lower or same level requirement. [Exception for Type C Level 55 Weapons]
  • Type A Excelsiars are for level 30-35
  • Type B Excelsiars are for level 40
  • Type C Excelsiars are for level 45-55
  • Black Excelsiar is for Melee Weapons
  • Blue Excelsiar is for Staff Weapons
  • Green Excelsiar is for Bow Weapons
  • Red Excelsiar is for FireArm Weapons
  • Yellow EXcelsiar is for Launcher Weapons

[ Image below shows the required materials for the combination]

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