Jetpack Combination Guide

Jetpacks are used in the cloak slot of your charcaters equipment. It does not only increase your character’s look but it also provides some useful stats that will help you out through the game.

  • There are 2 Level of jetpack that can be created, level 40 and level 50
  • There are 5 different jetpack Ability to choose from [ Depends on what talic you use]
  • The jetpack slot is random generated
  • The higher the Excelsiar type the better chance for the combination to succeed
  • This combination is not 100% success, there is a chance to fail and lose some combination materials.
  • You can upgrade the jetpack using the same talic you use for the combination

The jetpack abililty will depend on the talic used for the combination

  • Chaos Talic – Anti Critical Booster
  • Sacred Fire Talic – Fire Element Booster
  • Belief Talic – Water Element Booster
  • Guard Talic – Earth Element Booster
  • Glory Talic – Wind Element Booster

[ Image below is the requirements for the combination ]

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