Excelsiar Combination Guide

Excelsiar comes in 2 form. Complete Excelsiar and Excelsiar pieces. You can obtain a complete Excelsiar by combining the pieces together with some required materials listed in this guide.

This guide will show you how to combine your Excelsiar Piece into a Complete Excelsiar Type A, B, or C.

There are 3 ways to do it.

You can make a Type A, Type B, and Type C Excelsiar.

[ Combination Recipe ]

So lets say we want to make a Type A Olive Excelsiar, all we need to do is combine to the hero NPC  10 pieces of Olive Excelsiar Piece, 5 pieces of SIlver Catalyst and 2 pieces of Gold Catalyst.

[ Silver and Gold Catalyst can be purchased in each race Tool NPC ]

What Is the difference between Type A, B, and C Excelsiars?

Well some combination uses those to increase the probability of combination success, lets say you put in Type C Excelsiar the combination probability of success will increase where in by using a Type A will give you a smaller probability of success. Some combinations require Type A Excelsiar for level 35 Weapon combinations, Type B for level 40 Weapon Combinations and Type C for 45 to 55 Weapon Combinations.

But if you do see any of these Excelsiars lying around the ground be sure to take them because its important.

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