Excelsiar Color Guide

Excelsiar is a very important booty item throughout the world of RF Online, from start up until you max out your level you will always find Excelsiar in different monsters. But does it occur to you what these stuff are for? This topic will tell you what each excelsiar is used for.

Excelsiar’s have 10 different colors in the game and each color has its own unique use.

Excelsiars are not your normal booty items that are sold in the NPC, it’s an important farming items that can be used for combination of weapons, armors, force reavers and even jetpacks.

Each Excelsiar color represents which they are used for.

Black Excelsiar

Black excelsiar is for Melee Weapons and Dark Element Reaver .

Green Excelsiar

Green excelsiar is for Bow Weapons.

Black Excelsiar

Red excelsiar is for FireArm Weapons and Fire Element Reaver.

Yellow Excelsiar

Yellow excelsiar is for Launcher Weapons.

Blue Excelsiar

Blue excelsiar is for Staff Weapons and Wind Element Reaver.

Navy Excelsiar

Navy excelsiar is for Water Element Reaver.

White Excelsiar

White excelsiar is for Holy Element Reaver.

Brown Excelsiar

Brown excelsiar is for Earth Element Reaver.

Purple Excelsiar

Purple excelsiar is for Type C combinations.

Olive Excelsiar

Olive excelsiar is for Jetpack combinations.

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