Event: Hero’s Treasure Event

In Game Feature:
Hero’s Treasure Event
“Event Play Money”
• Php 5,000 – $100 Us Dollars
• Php 3,000 – $60 Us Dollars
• Php 1,000 – $20 Us Dollars

  • These Can Be Obtain By Attending Chip War Every 8 Hours
    And Winning The War
  • We Call This “Play Money” That You Can Loot Once You Win The War On The Chip That Was Destroyed (Only The Winning Race Can Loot These)
  • Once You Obtain Any Of Our Play Money, You Can Redeem It By Commenting In A Specific Post On Our Forum Group.
    After Commenting, One Of Our Assigned Mod For This Event
    Will Reply And Provide Instructions For You To Follow.
  • These Item Can Only Be Converted In Two Options.
    First Is Real Money. Second Is In Game Cash Points.
    • Converting Of Play Money To In Game Cash Point Requires A 24 Hours Time-frame.
    • Converting Of Play Money To Real Cash Requires A Processing Time Depending On Your Area And Transaction Method. Patience Is A Must
    • Players Must Respect And Honor Processing Time
    • If Processing Time Will Take Too Long Due To The Method Of Transaction Available On Your Area, The Only Thing We Can Do Is Wait.
    • Disrespecting Processing Time Without Any Fault Of Our Team Will Not Be Tolerated And Will Face A Proper Action.
    • Every Event Play Money Will Be Taken Or Remove On The Character Before We Process The Transaction. Denial Of Giving It To Our Staff Means No Process.
    • Messaging Or Spamming Our Facebook Page Without Commenting On Our Post In Our Forum Group When It Comes To Redeeming Of The Event
    Play Money Will Result To Removal Of Your Prize. So Please Don’t Be A Newb And Follow Our Simple Guidelines And Be Thankful!

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