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22/02/2020 9:48 am  

Welcome to RF online zone!

Here we will try our best to provide you with a fun RF Online gaming experience. Our game system is fair yet you will need to strive to overcome your enemies. This Server is like a leap back in time with some modifications to adhere with new game features, if you can see we are bringing back the nostalgic feel of RF Online way back in 2006 when CodeMasters had their own server way back in 2006. We are bringing you a level 55 cap server with tons of flashback from the giga4 era of RF Online but importing some of the good stuff the newer versions have to offer but limiting only the balanced ones. We hope you will enjoy your stay here in RF Zone and always remember to have fun.


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23/02/2020 10:19 am  

👍 👍 👍