Excelsiar Color Guide

Excelsiar is a very important booty item throughout the world of RF Online, from start up until you max out your level you will always find Excelsiar in different monsters. But does it occur to you what these stuff are for? This topic will tell you what each excelsiar is used for. Excelsiar’s have 10 […]

Event: Hero’s Treasure Event

In Game Feature: Hero’s Treasure Event “Event Play Money” • Php 5,000 – $100 Us Dollars • Php 3,000 – $60 Us Dollars • Php 1,000 – $20 Us Dollars These Can Be Obtain By Attending Chip War Every 8 Hours And Winning The War We Call This “Play Money” That You Can Loot Once […]


In Game Feature: Trading Token System • Trading Token 1000 Php ($20 Us Dollars) • Trading Token 500 Php ($10 Us Dollars) • Trading Token 100 Php ($2 Us Dollars) Trading Token System Was Created To Provide A Better Security System And Guarantee A Practice Of Honesty For A Better Innovation Of Our Community. Benefits […]


RF Online Zone Price Pool Amount: PHP 2,628,890.68 or US $51,976.30 Like and Share Event Mechanics : Like or Heart this Photo or Post: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=132686001599575&set=a.116684859866356 Share must be Visible as Public in your timeline or wall(Not to any pages or groups). Description must be set to: #ESPORTSEVOLUTION#ROADTO5MPHPPRIZEPOOL#OFFTHEGRIDGAMES Mention 10 or More RF Friends in the […]

Elemental Accessory Upgrading Guide

Only Elemental Accessory with the stats of Attack / Defense / Dodge can be upgraded. You can use 2 different kind of T3 in the combination. One stat accessory [ Attack +20% Levelup Skill by 1 ] when upgraded only the attack stat will be increased. This combination can fail, leading up to combination material […]

RF Online Zone Ability Extraction Guide

Ability Extraction Guide This enables you to extract the ability from a Type A Weapon OR Shield. The Ability Extractor can be purchased in the Tool NPC in your HQ. You can only Extract abilities from Weapons and Shields. Remember that combination chance is not 100%, it might fail leading to losing some combination materials. […]

Announcement: RF Online Zone Server Information

Welcome to RF Online Zone! Our new server offers one of the most balanced rates and features in the RF Online scene. With regular updates and a long term roadmap, you will definitely experience the best nostalgia experience! Below are the RF Online Zone server information: » Max Level 55 » Server Version » […]